• About Our School

    A mindfulness-based trilingual early childhood education


    At Serenity Preschool & Kindergarten, we believe in learning through play and that young children learn best in a natural setting that allows them to be active participants. The classroom provides developmentally appropriate opportunities to stimulate each child’s language, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth.


    We believe that families and teachers working together will provide the best environment for a child’s education and development. We value diversity and respect differences among all children and families.


    Together, we help the children become self-confident, independent problem solvers who effectively manage their environment through language and appropriate actions.


    To be a leading and superior education institution based on wisdom and compassion.


    • To uplift human characters and stimulate development in social emotional, cognitive, language and motoric.
    • To foster dynamic and open-minded individuals who continuously learn and grow in wisdom and compassion.
    • To promote mindfulness and build mindful community.